Teaching Statement

Teaching is one of the true passions of my professional life. Over the years I have had the opportunity to teach at several different types of institutions of higher learning--graduates and college students at an elite American university, adult students who serve in the US and foreign militaries, in Germany, and at a public, teaching-focused university in California.  At each place I adapt my teaching style to fit the type of student environment I'm in.  Over the course of teaching more than 10 years at the postsecondary level, I have also learned--often through trial and error--what methods work well and which was not as much. Occasionally, I develop new courses where I believe there are significant holes in curriculum. I am also a strong advocate of bringing in data analysis into the classroom, working on helping my students learn crucial data analytical skills. 

Below is a list of courses I have taught at various universities. Syllabi and teaching evaluations are available upon request.

SFSU: Department of International Relations

World Politics

Introduction to International Political Economy

Europe--Forming a More Perfect Union

Model European Union

International Political Economy (M.A. Students)

University of Chicago: Department of Political Science

Comparative European Politics

The Global Financial Crisis

Field Seminar in International Political Economy (PhD Students)

Naval Postgraduate School: Department of National Security Affairs

Comparative Politics

Government and Security in Western Europe

Seminar in European Politics

Syracuse University

The History and Politics of the European Union